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Apres Vin Smoky Garlic Chardonnay Grape Seed Oil

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A quintessential combination of two classic “comfort” oils – Roasted Garlic Chardonnay and Chardonnay Fumé!

Infusion:  blend of 65% Roasted Garlic Chardonnay + 35% Chardonnay Fumé grape-seed oils

 Suggested Uses:

  • Whisk with balsamic vinegar for a unique salad vinaigrette
  • Add to pasta dishes with sautéed shrimp, chicken, ham, or bacon to intensify flavor
  • Mix with scrambled eggs for a country breakfast
  • Add to your favorite salsa recipe as your secret ingredient
  • Toss with cubed bread then toast to make distinctive croutons
  • Use as a finishing oil and drizzle over grilled or steamed vegetables

12.7 oz (375 ml) Bottle

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