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Taste of America Seasoning Collection

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Taste of America Gift Set - INCLUDES: 4 Shaker Jars of one each of the following Chicago Chop Seasoning, Key West Seafood Seasoning, Fiery Southern Charm & Everything and More Seasoning.

Chicago Chop - The perfect blend for pork, beef, and chicken.

Super savory and smoky, this seasoning blend really brings out the best in pork. Toss chicken wings with a little oil and this blend before baking in a hot oven. For a more intense flavor boost, let the seasoned meat rest for 30 minutes or refrigerate overnight before cooking..

Key West Seafood - Flavorful blend of onion, garlic, thyme, parsley and other spices.

This rub is carefully blended to enhance the flavor of your favorite sea food and fresh water fish. An excellent spice mix to use on grilled or baked salmon, scrumptious shrimp kabobs or even as a secret ingredient in crab cakes. Try as a tasty seasoning for trout, catfish or perch.Grill, broil, bake or pan fry as usual. For a fish fry, use the rub as the spices in your dry breading mixture. Dip pieces of cod or other white fish in a batter of milk, buttermilk or beer and then dredge in seasoned flour, cornmeal or cracker crumbs.

Fiery Southern Charm - An all-around multipurpose seasoning.

Smoky and spicy, this blend adds a little sass to any dish. Try sprinkling on deviled eggs or celery sticks spread with cream cheese. Season flour to dredge fried chicken. Spice up potato salad or coleslaw. Try it on French fries in place of salt.

Everything and More - A perfect seasoning for meats, fish and vegetables.

The possibilities are endless with this toasty topping. Slather crackers, toast or celery sticks with cream cheese and top with Everything and More. Try on halved soft-boiled eggs for a quick party appetizer. It’s great on buttered popcorn, roasted vegetables and your favorite salad.

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